Using advanced laboratory technologies and incorporating natural plant ingredients, Phergal created Naturtint®, the first permanent ammonia- free hair color. Naturtint’s gentler, more natural ammonia-free formula helps nourish and protect hair, restoring the hair’s natural shine and vitality. Naturtint hair coloring quickly became popular around the world and has earned the trust and loyalty of customers in over 30 countries.

Naturtint is produced using strict GMP standards that ensure the quality of its ingredients and rigorous manufacturing methods, as well as compliance with the latest EU environmental regulations. Naturtint natural hair color is suitable for use by vegans, and Phergal does not do any testing on animals. All packaging is eco-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable.

Phergal is committed to continuous improvements in hair coloring and hair care, and in 2004 the company created the Phergal International Technical Center, a research, development and applications lab for the production and testing of hair care products. In addition, Phergal, in partnership with Institute EVIC FRANCE, established the Clearé Institute, the first organization dedicated to advanced hair care technology.